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Top Five Challenges Faced By Van Nuys INFINITI Customers: How Glendale INFINITI Provides the Best Solutions

Top Five Challenges Faced By Van Nuys INFINITI Customers: How Glendale INFINITI Provides the Best Solutions

Serving Van Nuys INFINITI customers

For most people, purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest buys they will make in their lifetime. While some people do a great degree of research before buying a car, others (for a variety of reasons spanning lack of time to anxiety) want to get the car-purchasing experience over as quickly as possible.

Regardless, buying a car is an investment. Not only can the right auto purchase improve your quality of life, save you money, and offer peace of mind, if you buy a vehicle known for having a great trade-in value and you purchase from a reputable dealer like Glendale INFINITI, you can make arrangements to trade-in your vehicle every three years or so to get into a newer model, or you can join an easy leasing plan. But first, the car buyer’s challenges must be addressed, faced, and solutions must be presented through the vehicle sale. 

The challenges we face in buying a car will vary from person to person, as things like credit history, financial abilities, and household considerations will play roles in defining what the biggest obstacles are for them to overcome. However, there are also common challenges that all car buyers face, and this article will review those top five while addressing the way Glendale INFINITI has provided direct solutions in order to better serve our Van Nuys INFINITI customers.

So why is the Van Nuys customer base being mentioned in this context? Van Nuys exists in one of the most competitive local auto markets in the state of California. Not only does Van Nuys Boulevard have a competitive car culture for several blocks on that infamous stretch of road, but the Van Nuys region provides car sales to the greater Los Angeles area, as well as San Fernando Valley. If a dealership’s goal is to offer the best deals and provide the best customer service, then it makes sense to dominate the most challenging spades in automotive, as studies show that when businesses are able to provide top satisfaction in the most competitive spaces, proving their overall effectiveness to help customers get the best deal, in any local market, will be very easy. 

Our Glendale dealership is known for offering Van Nuys INFINITI customers the best car-buying experience in the region. One of the many ways we were able to secure this reputation was to identify the challenges and pain points of every customer, and help them get the best deal on the right vehicle that will best improve their lifestyle and that provides the best solutions to their challenges. 

Here are the five most common challenges faced by our customers who participated in a survey that examined the buying behavior of 300 customers. 

1. Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Seek Real Value

When we look at the needs of Van Nuys INFINITI customers and we begin to unravel the topic of “value”, we are not just looking at the sales price and terms; the entire car-buying process and experience itself sets the stage for determining the type of value the customer can expect to receive. According to the research paper, ‘Car Buying in the Digital Age: Key Elements of an Ideal Dealership Experience’ by Dave Chatterjee and others, the Sage Business case study states that:

[...] traditional car-selling practices are under attack. The new competitive dynamic is forcing car manufacturers and dealers to review every aspect of the value creation process, from manufacturing to customer service. Reimagining and reinventing the dealership experience is an important focus area as sellers are looking for new and innovative ways of enhancing the buyer experience.

 Value is something no car buyer, regardless of their background, is willing to sacrifice. In addition, savvy dealerships who understand how critical it is to offer the best customer service experience, and who see how it goes hand-in-hand with real value, have been making operational changes to cater to this need, while dealerships in tighter markets fall back on traditional sales tactics…the same ones their local competitors are pushing, which simply creates a car-buying climate shrouded in insincerity and that hurts the buyer experience.

When it comes to delighting our Van Nuys INFINITI customers, we know we need to really understand their narrative, and how the right vehicle can make them the hero of their own journey, Our team goes the extra mile to understand every customer’s lifestyle, driver profile, family dynamics, and other things that create challenges to finding and securing the right vehicle, at the right price. Our team works intimately with customers to understand what their true obstacles are so that we can pair every Van Nuys resident with the best INFINITI vehicle that will meet all of their needs. 

2. Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Demand a Full Inventory of Vehicles 

Part of offering the best customer service and car-buying experience is to ensure that people have access to all the vehicles they are researching to ensure they make a solid, educated decision. The ability to test drive multiple vehicles will help the customer better understand his own needs, while helping our team members get a better understanding of how various vehicle features will enhance the lives of our customers. When it comes to vehicle inventory, our Glendale dealership offers Van Nuys INFINITI customers the largest selection of new and used vehicles to test drive that include the following:

  • 2024 INFINITI Q50
  • 2024 INFINITI QX50
  • 2024 INFINITI QX55
  • 2024 INFINITI QX60
  • 2024 INFINITI QX80

There are also multiple trims on our lot ready for customers to experience and explore, with a wide range of colors, tech and safety features, and according to our Van Nuys customer base, we offer the best terms and prices to our valued community members. 

3. Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Want Features that Make Sense

Another thing revealed in our research is that Van Nuys INFINITI customers pay specific attention to vehicle features. In other words, they discover which ones will have a significant impact on their lifestyle, and which ones are irrelevant therefore offering no real value to them. For example, one of our repeat customers, “Lucy”, is a mother of 3 teenagers and one 10 year-old. She does all the shopping, takes the kids to their activities, and she is the assistant coach for her daughter’s soccer team. This means Lucy needs a vehicle with lots of seating, cargo space, that’s comfortable, has innovative safety features, but she doesn't want to feel like she is driving a land yacht. After test driving a number of vehicles and speaking with our experts, we helped Lucy determine that QX80 actually offered her more value, even though this model is priced more than the QX60. Ultimately, the 3rd row of seats enabling seating for eight and the upgraded driver assist features proved to provide direct solutions to this customer’s biggest challenges, so therefore this vehicle offered the most practical sense and was still priced lower than competing manufacturer’s in the luxury SUV space.  In order for you to get the best value on a new or used INFINITI vehicle, every feature must make sense, and provide a solution to a problem you face as a driver and head of your household. 

4. Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Seek Sincere Relationships with Dealerships

Currently, Van Nuys car dealerships are running wild in a race to move inventory by any means necessary as they stay in fierce competition with one another. According to our survey, customers notice, and they feel like they are not the priority when they call or visit a local dealership. Our Glendale dealership is aware that people do repeat business with organizations that truly understand them, and that set off to help them understand how their products and services can improve lives as opposed to having sales pressure applied. For example, most of our customers like to benefit from doing a vehicle trade-in when purchasing their next car. Our team will sit with you to determine what features have worked well when it comes to improving your lifestyle, which features were never used, and which features (if any) were not met with appreciation. We also look to see if there are any major changes to your family since buying your last vehicle, and together we explore how various vehicles will improve your immediate lifestyle, while also offering you something that you and your family can gracefully grow into while still being completely accommodated. Van Nuys INFINITI customers come to our Glendale dealership because we focus on forming life-long relationships with every customer as we are driven to be a positive support to our communities. 

5. The Ownership Experience: Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Want Benefits Associated with Vehicle Ownership

We have already covered the fact that our focus is always on the customer, and this commitment extends to those after they have purchased the vehicle. Most dealerships put all of their focus into closing a sale, but they fail to neglect the fact that providing a helpful “post sales culture” is critical for securing relationships, promoting repeat customers, and growing the reputation of a sincere dealership that wants to empower local communities with great deals on their dream car. At our Glendale dealership, we continue to serve the Van Nuys INFINITI community by injecting true reward into every element of vehicle ownership. When you make a vehicle purchase, we honor that commitment with customized service that recognizes, understands, and predicts your individual and growing needs. Our comprehensive premium service program was established to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Van Nuys INFINITI Customers, Call Glendale INFINITI Today

Are you interested in learning if the purchase of a new or used INFINITI vehicle will have a significant impact on your lifestyle, and offer you the real value that you are entitled to? Call our expert team at 818.452.2709, and we will show you first hand why more than 98% of our Van Nuys INFINITI customers do repeat business with us. Our customer service experience is next to none because we remain dedicated to resolving the challenges customers face in buying a vehicle, and we truly get to understand every customer so that we can be a close part of your journey, while delivering the best service emphasized by creating ultimate value at every step of the journey. 

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