A car lease, also known as a vehicle lease, is a popular method for financing an INFINITI vehicle that enables one to “rent” a car from Glendale INFINITI for a certain length of time, and with a specific amount of miles. You will make a monthly lease payment, and when it comes to INFINITI lease deals, Glendale INFINITI is the number one destination with customers coming to us from Van Nuys, and across the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles. At the end of the lease, you will have the option to return the vehicle, upgrade it for a new INFINITI model, or you can buy the car at a better price than if you had simply walked in to buy a new INFINITI.

What Kind of Credit Do I Need for an INFINITI Lease Deal?

If you are leaning towards the option to take advantage of one of our INFINITI lease deals, then you will need to have a good credit score. According to Consumer Reports, customers who leased a new vehicle in 2023 had an average credit score of 736. Typically, if you have a FICO score of 670 or above, you will likely be a good candidate for one of our INFINITI lease deals. Finally, be aware that even though you are not making car payments on a vehicle that you own, your leasing payments history will show up on credit reports.

Does Leasing INFINITI Cars Offer Customers More Value than Buying New Vehicles?

For many customers, leasing INFINITI cars offers more value than buying. However, in order to determine if leasing is your best option, it is advised that you visit Glendale INFINITI and speak with one of our financing experts who can get a good understanding of your driving habits, needs, and other factors. Then you can get a good recommendation that makes sense for your needs, and you will be armed with the right kind of information to make an educated decision.

According to a research paper published by Deanna Oxender Burgess and Todd M. Shank in volume 24 of ‘The Journal of Financial Education’, leasing and new car sales information was collected from local dealerships in which the net-advantage-to-leasing was calculated against the net advantage to new car purchases. Cap, cost, residual value, money factor, and the term of the lease were all factored into the study. Ultimately, the terms of the lease and specific details that make up the driver’s profile and that reflect his needs factored heavily into the perceived value. If the lease deal provides direct solutions, financial and otherwise, to the customer’s needs, then indeed leasing offers customers more convenience, freedom and better value. However, to reiterate, you will need to visit a financing specialist at Glendale INFINITI in order to determine if in fact you would benefit from an INFINITI leasing deal as opposed to buying a new vehicle.

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What are the Benefits of Leasing a Car?

In theory, leasing is similar to renting an apartment, as the lessee (the person leasing the car) pays some initial fees along with monthly payments to drive the vehicle, but the person doesn't actually own it. Every INFINITI lease special has conditions and terms that one must agree to, and at the end of the term, you have the option to return the vehicle. This type of arrangement has a number of benefits that include the following:

Lower Monthly Payments - Arguably one of the best advantages of leasing an INFINITI is lower monthly payments as opposed to payments for buying a new car. When you finance the purchase of a new car, you pay the entire purchase price of the vehicle over time, plug interest. When you lease, your monthly payments cover the car’s depreciation as opposed to the purchase price. Due to the fact that you are financing the depreciation instead of the purchase price, you will be able to enjoy lower payments. Free Maintenance - Another benefit is that you will not have to pay for routine maintenance such as oil changes, tune-ups, fluid changes, filter changes, and general maintenance items.

Less Money Required at Drive-Off - In many cases, a down payment for a vehicle purchase revolves around 20% of the purchase price. However, when you lease, little to nothing is required up front. You will likely be required to pay the first month’s payment, taxes, an acquisition fee and the title and registration fees.

No Stress Over Reselling the Vehicle - If you have a closed-end lease, once the lease is over, all you need to do is return it and upgrade to a newer model. At the end of the lease, the value of the car is not your concern but instead falls on the shoulders of Glendale INFINITI. All you are responsible for at the end of the lease is any excess use of mileage and wear.

Get A New Vehicle, Hassle-Free - A car lease usually runs between 24 and 48 months. As the lease term is short, this means you can drive off in a new vehicle with the latest safety improvements and technology without having to jump through the hoops or selling your car and buying a new one. Once your lease concludes, your INFINITI lease ends, you simply return to our dealership, choose your next vehicle, and enter a new lease.

More Cars, Crossovers and SUVs to Choose From - Qualifying for financing to get your dream car can be challenging for many people. However, when you lease a car more opportunities open up making expensive vehicles accessible with a wide range of trim packages. This means you will enjoy more flexibility with your vehicle options, enabling something that better suits your lifestyle and needs.

Freedom to Buy - Most leases will include an option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the leasing term. If you really love the car and want to keep it, you can have this option. You also have the option to walk away if the purchase price is more than what the vehicle is worth. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to “test drive” the vehicle and see how it fits your lifestyle before committing to it on a long term basis.

Depending on your financial situation, lifestyle and personal preferences, an INFINITI leasing special may be your best option to getting your ideal vehicle as opposed to purchasing. Meet with our team today and we will help you understand the pros and cons based on your unique profile.

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2024 INFINITI Q50 Lease 0 Down Specials

One of the most popular deals at Glendale INFINITI is the option to take advantage of the INFINITI Q50 lease 0 down offer. The INFINITI Q50 is a luxury sports sedan boasting a 3.0 liter, twin-turbo V6 with 400 horsepower. Sporty with an elegant design, this car is highly sought after, so our INFINITI Q50 lease 0 down deal is ideal for those with good credit.

The 2024 INFINITI Q50 appeals to a wide range of drivers, including the following:

Road Trip Vehicle - Due to the elevated front and rear-seat comfort, and because it can reach up to 23 mpg, it is considered to be highly fuel efficient, especially when comparing it to competing makes and models. Great Commuter - If you are looking for a stylish upgrade in your commute, the 2024 INFINITI Q50 lease option can be your ideal choice, as the car is comfortable and gets great gas mileage. Current leases report that the car’s style makes “being stuck in traffic” not nearly as wearisome compared to being in their previous vehicle.

Car for Professionals - If you use your vehicle for business, or you simply want a vehicle that tells the world you are successful, an INFINITI Q50 lease 0 down option could be your best move. The luxury sedan catches the attention of those you have a defined appreciation for aesthetics, and if you ever drive business associates or clients, they will appreciate the elegant style and comfort.

Ideal for Retirees - Many people on the verge of retirement are looking for ways to save money and shave dollars off their normal living expenses. Our INFINITI Q50 lease 0 down special is popular with this group of buyers, as many of them have established great credit histories, and will benefit from all the conveniences of a lease, while saving money on the 0 down feature and lower monthly payments.

If you are looking for a comfortable sporty ride on a 0 down lease, come visit our dealership and test drive the INFINITI Q50 as a consideration for your next leasing special.

2024 INFINITI QX50 Lease 0 Down Deals

The 2023 INFINITI QX50 is a compact luxury SUV offering a spacious cabin, a smooth ride, comfort, elegance, and a great amount of standard equipment not seen in rival vehicles. With a price starting at $42,100, buyers get a lot for their money. However, many drivers are attracted to the INFINITI QX50 lease 0 down deal, which gives more flexibility, freedome, and savings opportunities.

Some of the main features that make leasing aN INFINITI QX50 include the following:

  • Bose sound system
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Wireless charging
  • Wireless Apple Carplay integration
  • Android Auto
  • 2.0L VC-Turbo engine
  • Blind spot warning and intervention
  • ProPILOT Asist
  • Head-up display
  • Around view monitor with moving object detection
  • Predictive forward collision warning
  • Four available trim options
  • 268 HP
  • 280 lb-ft torque
  • 26 mpg
  • Spacious cabin
  • Ultimate driver and passenger comfort

The INFINITI QX50 lease 0 down deal is especially popular with drivers who want a luxurious SUV or family vehicle, but who don’t want to pay the high sticker price seen with competing vehicles. The INFINITI QX50 personifies affordable luxury, making it a highly popular vehicle for leasing if safety, comfort, performance and budget are priorities.

2024 INFINITI QX55 Lease Specials, 0 Down Options

The INFINITI QX55 is a popular vehicle for those wanting to lease a crossover that offers more features than the QX50. Priced around $15,000 more than the QX50, the QX55 offers some additional benefits and features. When you contact Glendale INFINITI to go over leasing options, one of our experts will help you determine if the extra cost offers you more value. If indeed the additional features compliment your lifestyle and provide direct solutions to your needs on the road, then an INFINITI QX55 lease could be of tremendous value.

The stand-out difference between the INFINITI QX55 and the QX50 is that the QX55 has more room in the back. While there isn't much difference with front space or headroom, the spacious backseat makes the QX55 lease especially popular for families that take regular roadtrips, or for those that regularly transport cargo and have multiple passengers.

The vehicle performance and handling is virtually identical between the two models, and both maintain a stylish, luxurious interior and exterior design.

2024 INFINITI QX60 Lease 0 Down Specials at Glendale INFINITI

One of the most popular offers at Glendale INFINITI resides in a vehicle that goes in direct comparison to the BMW X5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class: our 2024 INFINITI QX60 lease 0 down specials enthrall drivers who want to lease a mid-size luxury SUV that doesn't carry the high cost of European competitors.

Unchanged from the previous year, the 2024 INFINITI QX60 offers the same generous passenger space, quiet and comfortable cabin designed with luxury materials, and a sleek curvy look that everyone on the road notices. It also carries over all the top, critical features that drivers care about when it comes to leasing an INFINITI SUV. There are four trim levels that include the following features to satisfy the needs of any driver searching for a mid-size luxury SUV:

  • 2024 INFINITI QX60 Pure: Boasting a V6 engine with 295 HP, the INFINITI QX60 offers front or all-wheel drive, a panoramic roof, paddle shifters, wireless app integration and three-row seating to accommodate families looking to lease who typically have multiple passengers.
  • 2024 INFINITI QX60 Luxe: The INFINITI QX60 lease offers thoughtful features such as an easy navigation system, a heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, around-view camera with motion detection, 20-inch alloy wheels. This is the perfect roomy vehicle for drivers who want an elevated level of class, comfort and safety.
  • 2024 INFINITI QX60 Sensory: For those seeking a lease deal on a 2024 INFINITI QX60 Sensory, special features to enhance style, entertainment and comfort can be found in the black open pore ash wood interior trim, massaging front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and a 17-speaker Bose sound system. These features make road trips and long drives all the more enjoyable, and this is why an INFINITI QX60 Sensory lease is popular with those who want added layers of quality to a line of vehicles that already boast sophistication and high-end design.
  • 2024 INFINITI QX60 Autograph: For those who want to elevate the luxury for roughly 10K more, when you get a lease on a 2024 INFINITI QX60 your passengers will enjoy second-row captain’s chairs with quilted leather seating throughout. The INFINITI QX60 also offers a smart rearview mirror which projects a crystal-clear image of what’s behind the vehicle on a 9.6-inch display. Located behind the rear-glass yet within the wiper path, the clever placement enables a clean and clear view angle of up to 50 degrees. As for enhancing a modern aesthetic, the vehicle offers a two-tone black roof that demands admiration.

One of the most popular leasing specials at Glendale INFINITI is a 2024 INFINITI QX60 Lease 0 Down special on one of the above model options. Each of these four vehicles offers specific features to meet the needs of every driver seeking affordable luxury in a crossover SUV.

Get the Best Terms on a 2024 INFINITI QX80 Lease

A 2024 INFINITI QX80 lease is an ideal option for someone who wants more cargo space and passenger seating, and at around $81,000, leasing this vehicle is a great way for INFINITI customers to get everything they want from a luxury SUV without having to pay the sticker price. In fact, the QX80 comes in below the cost of its rivals, the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade and Range Rover.

The 2024 INFINITI QX80 has stylish bodywork and grand proportions, and as a result strong first impressions are common. The vehicle is massive inside offering three rows of seats with a wide range of luxurious surfaces, including a quilter leather array of seats. The vehicle also drives with impressive power, running with 400 hp from a V8 engine. The ride quality is truly tranquil, offering a smooth, quiet ride. Not much has changed from the year’s previous QX80 lineup, as the vehicle was previously stacked with all the top features drivers cared about. However, in 2024 we see dark chrome finishes on the exterior.

If you are contemplating a 2024 INFINITI QX80 lease, there are three available trim levels and options to choose from that include:

  • 2024 INFINITI QX80 Luxe - With 4WD optional, the Luxe monitors highway lane lines through its lane departure prevention technology. In addition, the vehicle's body construction is reinforced to offer protection.
  • 2024 INFINITI QX80 Premium Select - For drivers seeking the features of the Luxe but with an elevation in aesthetics, a 2024 INFINITI QX80 Premium Select lease will tick all the boxes in your must-have list. Also with 4WD availability, the Premium Select has a dramatic dark chrome exterior, 22-inch dark chrome wheels, black mirror covers and a striking Matte Mocha Burl trim.
  • 2024 INFINITI QX8O Sensory - Including many of the standard features in the QX80 Luxe and Premium Select, the Sensory offers an advanced climate control system with Plasmacluster technology (a sanitizing technology by Sharp that purifies the air by emitting positive and negative ions). When you get a 2024 INFINITI QX80 Sensory lease you will also enjoy upgraded quilted semi-airline leather-appointed seats, and climate-controlled front seats.

When you visit Glendale INFINITI and test drive the various QX80 options, are team of experts will work with you to help determine which vehicle will best meet the needs of you and your family, ensuring you get the best value on your lease with a vehicle that provides a solution for every single need you have as a driver.

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