INFINITI Dealers San Fernando Valley Customers Get the Best Deals at Glendale INFINITI

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San Fernando Valley INFINITI dealers cater to local residents in the 42 cities and neighborhoods that make up the region. However, in recent years, Glendale INFINITI’s list of customers from the San Fernando Valley has exploded, as San Fernando INFINITI auto buyers are making the short drive to Glendale to get the best deals and service–something we are known for offering throughout Southern California.

Glendale is a unique area in that its where the San Fernando Valley meets the San Gabriel Valley, and serves as an egress into the Los Angeles basin. This geographic convenience makes it a no-brainer for those who would initially seek INFINITI dealers San Fernando Valley locations to bypass the dealership down the road to get the best deals, have more options and purchasing power, and form life-long relationships with the helpful and knowledgeable team at Glendale INFINITI.

Car Buyers Searching for INFINITI Dealers San Fernando Valley Locations: The Challenges They Face, And The Solutions We Offer

The main reasons why San Fernando Valley INFINITI car buyers come to Glendale is that we focus on the buyer’s journey that comes with purchasing a new or used vehicle. Our dedicated team focuses on you, the buyer, as a unique individual with specific needs when it comes to choosing the right car for your lifestyle. In order to get the best value in your new vehicle, all of your pain points must be addressed as you test drive vehicles, and discuss options with our team of INFINITI experts. Not all INFINITI dealerships put this much focus on the individual customers and their needs; they are still stuck in that traditional web of sales and moving inventory for the sake of clearing the floor. Glendale INFINITI’S approach to serving San Fernando Valley INFINITI car buyers is what truly sets us apart from the rest: we make sure we understand all of your needs that revolve around vehicle ownership, how you plan to improve your quality of life by stepping into your next car, and we work closely with ur customers to ensure they get the absolute best fit, with the best financing and deals in the region.

Understanding our buyer’s needs begins with getting to know every customer, and we start with the basics and end with the more specific details of their lifestyle that help us truly understand which vehicles could offer them the greatest value. In a study published by St. Joseph Engineering College by Dr. Ganesh Anjali titled, ‘Essense of Social Class on Buying Behavior’, Nissan dealerships (INFINITI is the luxury brand for Nissan), understanding the personas of social classes is critical to pairing the right driver with the right vehicle to give them the most value. A micro study was conducted on customers to discover the impact social class on their buying behavior and decision-making had, and while there is no relation between social class and advertisement, there was a relationship between social class and their preference for Nissan lines, or the affordable luxury offered in INFINITI vehicles.

When locals Google search “San Fernando dealers INFINITI locations”, many are directed to the Glendale store upon discovering how we place focus on our engagement by catering to the customer’s needs. While social class is not something we focus on at all, instead we get to know every client be delving into what their weekly narrative looks like in terms of using a vehicle, what they hope to get out of it, desired life changes to come as a result, and to go over the best financing options and deals to meet their needs. According to data we have collected over the last two years, these are the most common challenges buyers face when shopping for an INFINITI vehicle:

  • Reliability - A vehicle’s reliability revolves around two points: maintenance and gas efficiency. INFINITI is a highly reliable brand because, unlike other luxury vehicles, maintenance services don’t cost much, and these vehicles get good MPG. This means you won’t have to make frequent stops for fuel.
  • Fuel Economy - INFINITI is widely known as offering the best fuel economy for luxury car brands, and notably the SUVs get outstanding fuel economy in this class.
  • Price / Value - When it comes to affordable luxury vehicles, INFINITI has the best prices. Comparable BMW and Mercedes models offer the same features, but cost significantly more to purchase and to maintain. And when San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers come to Glendale, we offer the best value and level of service.
  • Safety - In 2022 and 2023 the IIHS awarded INFINITI as one of the top safety picks. With advanced safety features like lane departure warning and prevention, backup collision intervention, rear crossing traffic alert, blind spot warning, and other design features that help to keep the driver and passengers safe in a wide range of potential events on the road.
  • Exterior Aesthetics - INFINITI, with its clean lines and modern aesthetic, has been recognized for its cutting-edge design. In fact, INFINITI has won design awards at the North American International Auto Show by a collection of automotive designers known as EyesOn Design.
  • Driving and Riding Comfort - INFINITI vehicles provide the highest level of comfort. Drivers and passengers have described the driving experience as “what it must be like to ride on a cloud”.
  • Engine Performance - Not only are INFINITI cars stylish and comfortable, they boast robust performance engineering. The INFINITI V8 engine is a 5.6-liter force of power producing 412 lb-ft torque and 400hp while offering a smooth ride, and impressive performance when carrying a full cargo.
  • Interior Space - INFINITI vehicles have a reputation for offering generous interior space for drivers, passengers, and cargo.
  • Brand Reputation - INFINITI was named as top luxury brand in the 2023 Automotive Reputation Report–one of the most comprehensive market reports in the industry.
  • Service and Repair Cost - INFINITI is regarded as the most cost-effective luxury car brand for maintenance, service, and repairs.
INFINITI service dealers serivng San Fernando valley including Granada Hills near Los Angeles

When buyers search for “INFINITI dealers San Fernando Valley”, may make the short drive to the Glendale INFINITI location, as we are well versed in all the multiple personas who shop INFINITI cars, and aside from educating our customers in the above points, we also take the time to learn about every individual so we can pair them with their dream car that will tick all the boxes, and enrich their life.

San Fernando INFINITI Dealership Customers Come to Glendale INFINITI Because We Have the Largest Selection of New and Used INFINITI Cars

In addition to taking our time to learn about the personal needs of every customer, offering the best level of service means that we have every vehicle in stock, ready for customers to test drive without any inconveniences. This also means we work to maintain the largest inventory of used INFINITI vehicles, as many of our San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers frequently inquire about the value of a certified pre-owned car as opposed to buying new. We understand that the San Fernando Valley has multiple options when it comes to dealerships; our Glendale location is dedicated to serving San Fernando Valley INFINITI dealership customers by offering them more vehicle options, so they can test drive and inspect as many cars as they like to ensure an educated purchasing decision is made that will best accommodate their needs.

Many of the vehicles we carry include (but are not limited to) the following:

INFINITI Q50 - The Q50 is the most popular car amongst our San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers who are also considering the BMW 3-series or Mercedes C-class. Because the Q50 has exemplary styling without cutting corners with dated cabins (unlike BMW or Mercedes), and because the INFINITI Q50 is significantly more affordable compared to these other competing vehicles, the Q50 is the go-to twin-turbo V6 sporty, luxury sedan that offers buyers the greatest value in multiple ways.

INFINITI Q60 - This is the most popular sports coupe for buyers seeking a bit more power, and who are considering the AudiS5 or the BMW M44oi. Enjoy this sleek coupe in the Red Sport edition boasting 400 horses that undercuts the rivals by roughly $15,000. Our San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers come to us, looking for a vehicle that’s fun to drive but that’s also a statement car, and the Q60 always hits home!

INFINITI QX50 - Looking for an affordable family SUV without sacrificing on special features? The QX50 is a top seller with families searching for San Fernando Valley INFINITI dealerships, as we offer the best deals on this stunning SUV complete with a luxurious interior, stylish exterior, and an incredible suite of technologies offering enhanced entertainment and safety features, ideal for families with kids of all ages.

INFINITI QX55 - For San Fernando Valley INFINITI buyers seeking a family SUV that comes with some added features and upgrades, the QX55 will certainly meet all of your needs. The roofline is more rackish, accommodating families that love to travel with their playtime equipment and gear. The QX55 also offers more standard features than the QX50. The jump in price is $9000, and in order to see if this increase actually offers you more value based on your unique profile, lifestyle, and needs, or if the QX50 is the better deal, you will want to test drive both and speak to our knowledgeable team.

INFINITI QX60 - For San Fernando Valley INFINITI buyers seeking a mid-size SUV that stands toe to toe with the European brands, the QX60 will not disappoint. Many of our San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers come to us looking for a vehicle that is a great commuter, as well as ideal to be the “family car”, and that offers a plethora of luxury. The exterior design is stylish, and those considering the Mercedes GLE or the BMW X5 almost always drive off in a new INFINITI Q60 with nearly identical features while saving $10,000 without sacrificing on performance, comfort, and style.

INFINITI QX80 - When it comes to families pursuing the ultimate full-size SUV, at an affordable price without sacrificing on quality and features, the QX80 is almost always going to be your best option. When San Fernando Valley INFINITI customers come to our Glendale location after having given the Mercedes GLS-Class, Cadillac Escalade and BMW X7 a test drive, more than 90% of them drive off in their new INFINITI QX80, as they get all of the style, power, technology, and high-end design while saving a significant amount of money on the sales price and on maintenance costs.

Whether you are looking for the best deals on new or used INFINITI cars, make that short drive over to Glendale INFINITI where you will get the best value and deals in the entire region.

Glendale INFINITI is Dedicated to Serving Locals Searching for INFINITI Dealers San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley is a part of Los Angeles comprising several cities and neighborhoods that are popular with families, as they have great school districts, and a number of attractions perfect for outdoor activities. From the Japanese Gardens to Griffith Park, and considering all the hiking trails that surround the area, the San Fernando Valley isn't just a region that jump started 80s culture, but it is an amazing place to call home for active people. But in order for young professionals and active families to make the most of their life, they need the right vehicle that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to making life easier, more fun, and stacked with added value. Whether you are taking the family to the Valley Performing Arts Center for a fun night out, looking for a commuter vehicle to get you to the studios in Burbank, or you want the perfect SUV for cross-country road trips, there is no need to visit San Fernando Valley INFINITI dealerships, as you will get the most value at our Glendale location.

San Fernando Valley INFINITI Dealership Customers, Call Your Glendale Dealer Today!

Our experienced and friendly Glendale team is ready to focus on giving every INFINITI San Fernando Valley customer the absolute best deals on new or used vehicles, and we have the best leasing options in Southern California! Our dedication begins by truly getting to know every customer so that we can ensure they get the best value in their next vehicle purchase. We will make sure you get the most for your budget, along with the best financing options, and a car that you will never outgrow in terms of lifestyle needs. We also work closely with customers to forge life-long relationships with the goal to create a one-stop shop location for auto sales, maintenance, and parts.

Call today to schedule a test drive on a number of vehicles with one of our experts, and give our Glendale team the opportunity to demonstrate a class of service next to none so you can see for yourself why San Fernando INFINITI customers come to us for new and used cars, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance and factory parts.

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