Why Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Find Greater Value at Glendale INFINITI

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Van Nuys INFINITI is an auto dealer that local car-buyers in Van Nuys turn to when they are considering a new or used INFINITI vehicle. However, over the last few years, Glendale INFINITI’s customer base in Van Nuys has more than quadrupled. INFINITI car buyers in Van Nuys are making the short drive to Glendale INFINITI because their reputation for offering the ultimate customer service experience, and focus on the customer’s needs, rivals all other INFINITI dealerships in Van Nuys, or across Los Angeles. At Glendale INFINITI, customer service leads to life-long relationships with car buyers, and our team is very alert when it comes to individual customer needs meaning we work with car buyers, as a team, to help them get the best vehicle that will resolve their needs thus enriching their life.

INFINITI Van Nuys Customers: Challenges They Face, and Solutions We Offer

Truly understanding the buyer’s journey while being able to identify those pain points and needs predicated on one’s lifestyle are paramount to offering the best value on a new or used vehicle. Not all INFINITI dealerships address this area; they fall back on traditional sales tactics while trying to keep up with neighboring car dealership customer service reviews. However, this is where Glendale INFINITI places its focus, and as a result, INFINITI Van Nuys customers come to us to get the best service and deals on a new or used vehicle.

According to a research paper published by Tan Wee Lee for AIMST University titled, ‘Emerging Issues in Car Purchasing Decision’, these are the most common challenges buyers face when buying a new or used vehicle:

  • Fuel economy
  • Environmental factors
  • Reliability
  • Brand reputation
  • Price / value
  • Engine performance
  • Safety
  • Exterior appearance
  • Riding and driving comfort
  • Service / repair cost
  • Interior space

  • At our Glendale dealership location, the majority of INFINITI Van Nuys customers place an emphasis on fuel economy, purchase price, maintenance and reliability, safety, performance and personal or family needs. Thanks to the extra attention our team places on every customer, we are able to work with them in selecting the best INFINITI vehicle to tick all of their boxes and to ensure that their purchase is also an investment into improving their lifestyle and quality of life, be it for family, work, or for the self.

    Van Nuys INFINITI Customers Come to the Glendale Dealership Because We Have the Largest Inventory

    Part of offering the best customer service experience is to have every vehicle in stock so that customers can make educated purchasing decisions, while learning more about their needs and how they relate to the purchase of a new or used INFINITI vehicle. Van Nuys INFINITI customers want to test drive multiple vehicles in order to get the best idea as to which vehicle will meet their needs and provide the best solution. We always have the following:

  • INFINITI Q50 - Ideal affordable luxury sports sedan popular with those who are considering the BMW 3-series or Mercedes C-class. Because the Q50 has eye-catching styling without the dated cabins of these competing vehicles, and without the higher price tag, Van Nuys INFINITI customers can come to the Glendale location and get a detailed comparison of all three vehicles and see the value in the Q50, as you get twin-turbo V-6 power with all the features one would expect in a sporty, luxury sedan. This is an ideal family car for those who don’t require large amounts of room, as well as for young professionals who want a full side vehicle, and for retired drivers looking for reliability and value as they upgrade into something nicer.

  • INFINITI Q60 - Ultimate sports coupe for drivers who demand upscale design and powerful performance. This sleek two-door has a V-6 that’s more affordable than rival vehicles. For drivers considering the BMW M44oi or the AudiS5, the Q60 undercuts the cost by roughly $15,000.To really amplify the power and style, consider the popular 400 horsepower Red Sport edition.

  • INFINITI QX50 - The ultimate family SUV for drivers who are hyper focused on their budget. The QX50 is the more affordable of the crossover SUV vehicles, boasting a luxury interior and suite of smart technologies to provide enhanced safety and entertainment features. This is an ideal family vehicle for drivers seeking affordable luxury, and it makes for a lush commuter vehicle.

  • INFINITI QX55 - The QX55 has all of the style and conveniences of the QX50, with some additions and upgrades. The INFINITI QX55 offers a more rackish roofline for families who love to play just as hard as they work. It also comes with updated engine hardware and software designed to be more responsive. The QX55 comes with more standard features and fewer trim levels. The best way to see if the jump in price by roughly $9,000 compared to the QX50 is worth it and gives you value is to determine if these features better suit your lifestyle, and our team at Glendale INFINITI will work with you to determine the best option.

  • INFINITI QX60 - This is the mid-size SUV that truly challenges the European brands in the luxury SUV arena, and this requires style and power. The curvy exterior design is eye-catching, and every attention to detail is captured in the luxurious interior. Drivers who are considering the BMW X5 or the Mercedes GLE class love the QX60, as it is by far the more affordable option saving drivers $10,000 without sacrificing on luxury, style, and performance.

  • INFINITI QX80 - For families seeking a full-size luxury SUV at an affordable price, the INFINITI QX80 is the practical option. With upscale appointments and a classy look, it's hard to resist, and when lined up along comparable vehicles like the Mercedes GLS-Class, BMW X7, and Cadillac Escalade, INFINITI’S full-size SUV saves drivers a significant amount of money without giving up any features, style or power.

  • Glendale INFINITI Serving Van Nuys

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    Van Nuys INFINITI customers, who stay local, are used to the competitive car culture along Van Nuys Blvd where numerous dealerships dot this busy stretch of road. However, our survey revealed that the customer service, attention to detail, and attentiveness to the buyer’s real needs were absent, and the inventory is not always updated. This is where Glendale INFINITI has captured the spotlight in Van Nuys: we understand drivers, and we are dedicated to making sure that every single Van Nuys customer gets true value when purchasing their next new or used vehicle, and we have been proudly serving our Van Nuys INFINITI customers since day one.

    We recognize Van Nuys as a place rich in families and upcoming young professionals. In 1909 the Suburban Homes Company set out to construct a town ideal for family life, and in 1911 Van Nuys was founded, and annexed by Los Angeles in 1915. With water coming in directly from the aqueduct, and with the San Fernando Line and the Pacific Electric Railway red car system running through the area that also became a satellite for the Los Angeles municipal civic center, Van Nuys has been steadily growing while providing affordable housing in terms of LA standards to county residents.

    INFINITI as a car brand makes total sense for Van Nuys residents and locals; just as homes are more affordable in this growing sector of Los Angeles, INFINITI offers affordable luxury for savvy drivers and for those who appreciate the finer things in life, but at a great deal. This is why our Glendale location is hyper focused on providing the best service to our Van Nuys INFINITI customers, as we strive to make a difference in our sprawling community.

    Van Nuys INFINITI Customers: Our Glendale Location is Your Premier Dealership

    Our Glendale location proudly serves Van Nuys INFINITI customers with a level of service and deals that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else. Featuring an extensive new INFINITI inventory and the best pre-owned / used INFINITI vehicle inventory, along with our deals on new and used vehicles and exclusive lease specials, we are proud to stand out from other dealerships by offering Van Nuys community members exactly what they need, at a price they can easily afford.

    Van Nuys INFINITI Customers, Call our Glendale Dealership to Get the Best Value

    Our Glendale dealership team is focused on giving every Van Nuys INFINITI customer the best service, and the best deals on a new or used vehicle, and we have the best leasing options. We start by truly getting to know every customer so we can determine the automobile and what features will give them the greatest value in their next vehicle. We work to make sure the maximum value is achieved, all within budget, and we form life-long relationships with all of our customers thus providing a one-stop destination for all car buying and service needs. Call to schedule a test drive today, and give our Glendale dealership the opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional level of service so that you can see first hand why Van Nuys INFINITI customers come to us for all their car buying, service and parts needs.

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