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INFINITI QX60 for Sale in Glendale, Serving San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys Drivers

INFINITI QX60 for Sale in Glendale, Serving San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys Drivers

If you are located in Glendale, or near Van Nuys / San Fernando Valley, and you are looking for a midsize luxury SUV that's on the affordable end of the spectrum without sacrificing on quality or features, then you will want to come to Glendale INFINITI and test drive the INFINITI QX60 to truly get a good understanding for how this vehicle can improve your quality of life. Since the INFINITI QX60 first emerged in 2012, it has continued to keep pace with evolving technology, style, and consumer needs by continuously upgrading its interior and exterior aesthetics, tech, materials, safety features, design, and specs. Whether your intention is to experience the power and style of the 2024 INFINITI QX60 by booking a test drive with one of our specialists, or you wish to test drive an upcoming 2025 INFINITI QX60, Glendale INFINITI is proud to serve the greater San Fernando Valley region with many repeat customers coming to us from Van Nuys to get the best value on a lease, new vehicle purchase, or used vehicle deal.

This information is intended to help educate prospective buyers into learning a bit more about their own needs as a driver, and how the INFINITI QX60 can be the ideal solution that ticks all of your boxes to elevate your lifestyle.

Why is the INFINITI QX60 Regarded as the Best Midsize SUV on the Market?

At Glendale INFINITI we place an emphasis on listening to customer feedback, as being able to provide the best solutions to our customer's needs by offering great deals on the vehicle that best suits the needs of every driver is critical. This means we get lots of feedback from customers that we have paired with various vehicles, and according to our data, 100% of the customers who have purchased or leased the INFINITI QX60 over the last four years have reported complete satisfaction, indicating that the vehicle has made their life more convenient while helping them achieve a number of goals ranging from spending more quality family time to being more active outside of the home. Our customers also report that the INFINITI QX60 is the best midsize SUV they have owned, sighting the following reasons:

  • Affordable Luxury - With an MSRP of $49,650, the INFINITI QX60 offers all the elegance, sophistication and high-quality of other luxury vehicles in this class, but at a significantly lower price point. Often compared to the Mercedes GLE and the BMW X5, the QX60 offers quilted leather upholstery, tri-zone automatic climate control, a panoramic moonroof, and driver memory functions. Customers find tremendous value in the features, style and quality of the INFINITI QX60, and at such an affordable price with multiple trims to choose from, it truly meets the needs of most drivers.
  • Power and Fuel Efficiency - It can be challenging to find an SUV that offers the kind of power that drivers need, while still being fuel efficient, but the INFINITI QX60 has achieved this challenge. With a 295-hp V6 and a nine-speed automatic transmission that supplies ample power all while delivering 21 mpg, drivers are delighted, and the fact that you can choose front or all-wheel-drive versions is just an added bonus.
  • Lots of Room and Seating - The INFINITI QX60 can seat up to seven passengers, as it offers a generous third row of seating. In addition, plenty of cargo can fit in this midsize SUV thanks to its spacious dimensions, long body and rear split-folding seats. Behind the third row of seats you can enjoy 14.5 cubic feet of cargo volume, and when this row is folded you uncover 41.6 cubic feet of cargo space for your gear.
  • Safety Features - According to our data, families prioritize safety features when searching for the best mid size SUV, and the INFINITI QX60 is a popular choice because it meets this challenging demand by going above and beyond. With rear automatic braking, blind spot warning, an advanced security system, intelligent cruise control, overhead airbags, lane departure warning, high beam assist, pretensioners, stability control, forward emergency braking, rear cross traffic alert, and many more safety features, families feel confident that they are safe on the road, in any conditions making the INFINITI QX60 a highly popular option.
  • Resale Value Over Time - Car & Driver' analyzed over 3 million vehicles to determine the five-year resale value for each model, and the INFINITI QX60 has the best resale value among INFINITI models, which retains 56.2% of its value after the first five years.

It is clear to see why San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys customers come to Glendale INFINITI to buy or lease the INFINITI QX60, as this midsize SUV offers a great degree of value to a wide range of driver types, at an affordable price.

What Kind of People Get the Best Value from an INFINITI QX60 for Sale?

The INFINITI QX60 is extremely popular with a wide range of customers, and types of drivers. In order for you to determine if the QX60 is your best option, you will need to test drive the SUV and speak with our specialists, but based on our data, these are the types of customers who are best suited to drive away in a new INFINITI QX60 for sale at Glendale INFINITI:

  • Pet Owners - Most pet owners love to take their dogs with them most places they go, and the INFINITI QX60 was designed with this in mind. With ample cargo space it can comfortably fit multiple kennels, your pet's gear, and the vehicle;s entry points allow for easy access to and from the vehicle. This means that loading the dogs will be a breeze and you can bypass the chaos that other drivers face with SUVs that are not so pet-friendly.
  • Growing Families - If you have a growing family, then taking advantage of an INFINITI QX60 for sale is a sure way to make life on the go more convenient. If your kids play a sport, you will need room for their gear and teammates, and thanks to the spacious cargo area and third row of seating, an INFINITI QX60 for sale in the San Fernando Valley area will likely be your best solution to meet all of your needs.
  • Drivers Seeking Greater Comfort and Safety - According to data collected by insurance brokers, more single drivers are buying SUVs, and midsize SUVs like the INFINITI QX60 are especially popular with drivers who don't have children but still want the extra space, and who wish to sit up higher on the road while having more reinforcement around them. This reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision, and the IIHS confirmed that passengers of heavier, larger vehicles experience less force during an accident when driving vehicles like the INFINITI QX60. In addition, people with knee, back and neck injuries, as well as arthritis, love the QX60 because stepping in and out of the vehicle doesn't put the same level of pressure on the body as one would experience when getting in and out of a sedan.
  • Senior Drivers - Continuing from the above reason, older drivers seek deals on an INFINITI QX60 for sale because the vehicle is just the right size to give them greater physical security, and it is easier to get in and out of. The cargo space can also accommodate mobility scooters, wheelchairs, oxygen carts, and other types of medical devices and equipment while granting easy access to them.
  • Active Outdoors Lifestyle - If you are looking for a luxurious vehicle that functions as your commuter on Monday through Friday, but something that can comfortable accommodate your bikes, surfboards, camping gear, scuba diving equipment, ski and snowboarding gear, and other outdoors items along with a few friends, the INFINITI QX60 is likely the best midsize SUV that will meet all of your needs. Consider the all-wheel drive option to handle those mountain roads in the winter months, and be sure to ask about the various trim options available.


When it comes to securing an INFINITI QX60 lease deal, or taking advantage of an INFINITI QX60 sale special, some customers aren't too sure which option to take, so let's explore your options while taking your profile as a driver directly into account.

Some people are afraid to embrace an INFINITI QX60 lease deal because they view the arrangement as being one where they pay for the vehicle during the time when it depreciates the most. However, even if you purchase the vehicle, you are still paying for something that loses around 9% of its value the second you drive it off the lot anyway. And, ultimately, an INFINITI QX60 lease deal will give you the option to keep upgrading to a newer model every couple years, This is something to discuss with our team of experts, as there are a number of factors that will help us determine if you are a better candidate for INFINITI QX60 leasing specials, or if you will get more value in purchasing an INFINITI QX60 for sale. Here are some things to consider on your way over to Glendale INFINITI:

  • Credit Score - In order to get the best deal and terms on an INFINITI QX60 lease, you will need to have good credit. Usually this requires a credit score no lower than 700. However, according to Consumer Reports, of those who leased vehicles in 2023, the average credit score was 736. If you have a FICO score of 670 or above don't discount yourself, as Glendale INFINITI can still work with you.
  • Saving Money VS Ownership - If you care more about saving money up front than you do about actually owning the vehicle, then an INFINITI QX60 lease deal is likely your best option. Monthly payments on an INFINITI QX60 lease are usually lower because there is no principal to pay back. Instead, you are borrowing and repaying the difference between the QX60's value and its residual or the anticipated value when the lease ends, as well as finance charges. Furthermore, there is no large down payment. Instead, you will likely need to pay the first month payment, and possibly some initial charges.
  • Complimentary Service - On top of enjoying lower monthly payments with a lease, this option also enables you to save money on servicing your vehicle, which is free of charge. This includes basic maintenance such as oil changes, fluid changes, and battery care. When you lease a vehicle it is also easier to get in and out faster without long waits, and booking service appointments is easier, though at Glendale INFINITI our customers who purchase new and used vehicles love our service for being prompt, upscale, and easy.
  • Freedom - An INFINITI QX60 lease deal gives you the freedom to choose what to do with the vehicle once you reach the end of the lease. If you are absolutely in love with the vehicle you can renew the lease or flat out buy the vehicle. You also have the option to buy a new or used version of the same make or model, or you can upgrade to a newer model and keep the lease going.
  • Trade-In - If you decide to buy an INFINITI QX60, you can always do a trade-in at the time of your choice when you are ready to upgrade to a newer model. Be sure to ask our team of experts to forecast what the trade-in value of a new INFINITI QX60 will look like at the time you anticipate your desire for an upgrade. Otherwise, renewing a lease with a new model at the end of each term is also an easy option.
  • How Much You Drive- If you take a lot of unexpected long distance trips, you have a lengthy commute to work, or you like to take several family road trips, then INFINITI QX60 leasing may not be your best option, as every lease has terms that are outlined by an allocated amount of miles that you can drive, and if you go over those miles, you will be required to pay extra. If you drive a lot, securing a deal on a new or used INFINITI QX60 for sale will give you more value.

There are other factors to consider that our team of specialists can go over with you when you come to Glendale INFINITI to test drive the INFINITI QX60. However, this is a great place to start getting the wheels turning in your thought process to ensure you make the right informed and educated decision that best supports your needs and lifestyle.

Lease or Buy INFINITI QX60 at Our Glendale Location for Award-Winning Service

With our number one priority being customer dedication, we are on a mission to ensure that every customer drives away in the car best suited to provide direct solutions to all of their needs and challenges, while ensuring they get the best value for their money. We will work very closely with you and your family to make sure all of your needs are met in an INFINITI QX60 sale special, and that your SUV has all the right features required to give you the best driving experience of your life. Call 818.581.4020 today and arrange a test drive and consultation with one of our experts, and begin your journey towards discovering how a lease or a deal on a new or used INFINITI QX60 can be a game changer in elevating your lifestyle and overall driving experience.


INFINITI QX60 for Sale in Glendale, Serving San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys Drivers - Glendale INFINITI

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