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When you spend so much of your life in a vehicle, you want to be sure your vehicle is in great operating condition. Many systems work together to keep you safe and in control, and your suspension and steering systems are an example. If you live in or near Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Santa Monica, Glendale INFINITI is here to provide expert quality suspension service to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Don’t Forget About Suspension Service

If you are like most drivers, you don’t concern yourself with your suspension as long as it doesn’t squeak and bounce. These annoyances are not the only signs of suspension issues though. For example, you may notice your vehicle leaning more forcefully when you take a turn. When you brake, do you notice a nosedive? When you accelerate, does your rear end drag? These are also signs of suspension issues.

If your suspension is damaged or worn out, you may feel less control of your vehicle. It’s time to get your suspension checked out by the service team at Glendale INFINITI. Signs like the ones described here can lead to an increase in rollover risk and poor stopping time.

Warning Signs of Suspension Problems

Before your vehicle presents with these signs, there are others that may provide a clue that you have a damaged suspension. These signs are both visible and audible, and they include:

  • A corner of your vehicle may sit lower than the others on flat, smooth surfaces.
  • "Bounce Test" failure – put your body weight on the front of your vehicle when it is parked, and then rapidly move away, if the vehicle bounces twice or more, you may have a suspension problem.
  • The tread of your tires may show specific, uneven wear patterns called "cupping”.
  • Perhaps you notice oil or grease on your shocks or struts, or you can see obvious signs of wear when you inspect your shocks or struts.

Other signs of suspension problems that you may notice when driving include:

  • Your ride is rougher than usual.
  • When braking, your vehicle leans towards one side, or towards the front or the rear.
  • When turning, you feel a pull, or your vehicle drifts on the turn.
  • When driving on a straight stretch of road, you feel a pull, or the vehicle drifts towards one side or the other. This could mean alignment issues or brake issues. If you can rule out uneven tire pressure and uneven tread wear, and the problem persists, it could mean a suspension issue.
  • You may hear a squeaking when turning or braking.

If you notice any of these resting or driving signs, schedule an appointment with Glendale INFINITI and let our technicians examine your vehicle. Our expert technicians are well-trained in auto care, and they have the latest tools and techniques to care for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with our service center online or give us a call and let us help you get back on the road safely.

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