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If you are looking for quality auto technicians that you can trust to change your oil, then come visit the service team at Glendale INFINITI. Our service department services all makes and models for drivers near the Los Angeles area. Regular maintenance is key to improving the performance and health of your vehicle, with oil changes being one of the most important parts. Every oil change performed by the service team at Glendale INFINITI is performed by a highly trained technician with quality parts. We use high-performance synthetic oil and OEM INFINITI oil filters to ensure your vehicle operates at max performance. Schedule an oil change today with our online scheduler, or stop by our service department in Glendale, CA for a quality oil change from trained professionals.

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Getting your oil changed is one of the easiest and most important maintenance tasks for your INFINITI. There are so many benefits that you’ll want to keep up with oil changes.

  • Improved fuel efficiency: When the oil is clean and can run through the system easily, it helps the engine not work as hard. The result is more miles on less gas. When you notice your fuel efficiency drop, you should make sure to get the oil changed.
  • Improved performance: Besides being more efficient, regular oil changes enhance performance. Your vehicle can get sluggish when the oil is dirty. It can take longer to accelerate up to full speed. Once the oil has been changed, you may notice that your vehicle handles easier and more smoothly.
  • Extend the life of your engine: Getting regular oil changes lessens the work on your engine and its components, which will help them last longer. Since engine replacement costs several thousand dollars, you want to avoid it.

When to Get an Oil Change

It is very important to stay on top of regular oil changes to ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly. Most vehicles, on average, are recommended to get an oil change every 3000 miles, or after six months. Newer vehicles come equipped with a warning light that indicates when it is time to get an oil change. If you are still unsure whether you need an oil change or not, you can inspect the oil dipstick inside the engine bay. Pull out the dipstick and check the oil quality and level. If the oil level is too low, or you notice the oil looks black then it is time for an oil change.

It only takes about an hour to get the oil changed, which includes replacing the oil filter. The service technicians will also check on other fluids and perform a visual inspection of your vehicle to let you know if something needs to be replaced. You can add a tire rotation to your service visit to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

Types of Motor Oil

Three types of oil are available for vehicles. First is conventional oil which has been around for many years. It’s made from crude oil and includes various additives. Synthetic motor oil is made from man-made ingredients to protect your engine better than conventional oil can. Most vehicles can go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil because it doesn’t break down as quickly.

The third type of oil is high-mileage motor oil. This oil is designed specifically for older models that have at least 75,000 miles on the engine. The oil contains special additives that are important for older engines.

It won’t damage your vehicle if you mix conventional and synthetic oil together. Just remember that you won’t get the full benefits of the synthetic oil and will need to have the oil changed sooner.

The other factor for oil is its weight. You’ll commonly see oils that say SAE30 or 10W40. The weight includes the viscosity or thickness of the oil. The lower the number, the more easily it flows. However, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection at higher temperatures. Oil that has two numbers means that the first number is the viscosity of the oil at a cold start. The second number is what the oil is when the engine warms up.

Certain models take a specific weight. Some older models use a lighter weight in the summer and a heavier weight in the winter. You’ll want to follow the owner’s manual for manufacturer guidelines. If you have a classic model or older vehicle with no manual, you can ask the service technicians at Glendale INFNITI what they recommend.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

One way to be sure that your INFINITI vehicle operates smoothly and lasts a long time is to keep up with routine oil changes. Over time, oil quality degrades and becomes dirty/burnt and an oil change is needed. Fresh oil reduces wear and tear on the engine by lubricating barriers between the moving parts of the engine. Another important factor of oil quality and life is the oil filter. Here at Glendale INFINITI, we use high-quality oil filters that are sure to capture contaminants in the oil and reduce the risk of sludge buildup in the engine.

Choose Glendale INFINITI for Your Vehicle Service

Oil Changes are key to extending the life of your vehicle, and it's important to find a trusted service department to handle your oil and filter changes. If you are looking for a quality service team to change your oil in the Los Angeles area, then choose Glendale INFINITI located in Glendale, CA. We take care of all your vehicle maintenance needs and offer genuine parts to ensure your vehicle lasts a long time.

Our certified technicians are specially trained on INFINITI technology, and we can ensure that we handle the oil change of your INFINITI Q50 or other INFINITI model the way the manufacturer intended. Be sure to check out our current service specials and offers before you schedule service. Keep your INFINITI running smoothly with regular oil changes from the INFINITI experts at Glendale INFINITI near Los Angeles, CA.

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