Routine Maintenance

Routine Vehicle Maintenance at Glendale INFINITI

At Glendale INFINITI we know the importance of your vehicle. We know that you want to get the most out of your automobile investment, and you want to extend the life of your vehicle as long as possible. You need to have regular maintenance so that all of your INFINITI parts keep working. When a part does need to be replaced, count on us to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If you live in or near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Van Nuys, visit Glendale INFINITI for all your routine maintenance.

What Does Regular Maintenance Consist of?

You should regularly bring your vehicle in for routine service and maintenance. You’ll want to keep everything tuned up and running at its peak performance levels. In addition to regular tune-up, you’ll also want to have your consumable materials replaced, like brake pads, spark plugs, drive belts, timing belts or chains, air and fluid filters, wiper blades, power steering fluid, and wiper blades.

Your hoses and belts wear out over time, and rubber hoses crack and swell which leads to leaks that could leave you in the middle of nowhere. When your car nears the 100,000-mile mark, checks on systems like power brakes and power steering become more critical as does items like your radiator and your hoses. Glendale INFINITI offers a wide variety of vehicle maintenance procedures to help keep you on the road at top performance levels.

Maintenance Frequency

To keep your vehicle functioning well, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance at specified time frames. The 30,000-mile interval is common for many tasks. On average, a maintenance check-up should occur at 30k, 60k, and 90k. While maintenance for oil should occur about every 3,500-10,000 miles according to manufacturer recommendations, and whether your vehicle uses standard or synthetic oil.

Indications that a Tune-up is Needed

If your vehicle is not performing as well as it once did, if there is hesitation, if it lacks acceleration, or is having difficulty starting, a tune-up may be necessary. When you come into Glendale INFINITI, inform your technician what is going on with your vehicle, what you hear, and what you feel when your car is having issues.

If your check engine light, service engine soon, or an oil light is coming on, your vehicle needs maintenance. Delaying service when there are warning lights or if your vehicle is not running the way it should lead to very costly repairs. Tune-up services for modern cars with fuel injection include cleaning and replacing spark plugs and plug wires, and changing fuel filters, oxygen sensors, air filters, and PCV valves, which are all necessary to keep your vehicle running its best.

Read your owner’s manual and establish a regular maintenance and tune-up schedule for your INFINITI. Extend the life of your vehicle and keep it on the road providing reliable transportation and a fun ride for you with regular service. Schedule your routine maintenance with the service team at Glendale INFINITI.

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