INFINITI Premium Care with Glendale INFINITI

When you purchase a new INFINITI or lease a new model, you have more peace of mind with covered maintenance. INFINITI Premium Care is a pre-paid maintenance program designed to encourage you to keep up with important maintenance tasks. You can get your INFINITI serviced by Glendale INFINITI in Glendale, CA, for optimal performance

What Is the INFINITI Premium Care Program?

This maintenance program includes various tasks to be scheduled for the first three years. It can include oil changes and these other tasks:

  • Tire rotations
  • Replacement of engine air filters
  • Brake fluid refill
  • In-cabin microfilters replaced
  • Inspections
  • Tire road hazard
  • Car rental assistance

This three-year prepaid maintenance program gives INFINITI customers an advantage over other luxury models.

The INFINITI Premium Care program includes all 2023 models. The included services vary based on the model. The program is included with the sale of the vehicle. No additional charges may be included.

You can still purchase an extended warranty and other special offers even if you have INFINITI Premium Care. You also have the option to extend any service plan after three years. This plan includes a specific number of services for the three years, but they must be done at least 30 days from each other. If you are the type of driver who puts a lot of miles on your vehicle and need more services than what is included with the INFINITI Premium Care program, you can purchase an extension. You can purchase this extension once you have completed the initial program.

Why You Will Appreciate INFINITI Premium Care

With this program, you don’t have to deal with increases in pricing for routine maintenance. Since the maintenance is already paid for, you’ll be less likely to hesitate to schedule preventative maintenance for your vehicle.

When you combine INFINITI Premium Care with the INFINITI Valet Service, caring for your INFINITI vehicle becomes quick and easy. Our service technicians will pick up your vehicle, bring it to our service center for covered maintenance, and return it to you once the work is completed.

The Importance of Regular Routine Maintenance

INFINITI Premium Care is designed to encourage INFINITI owners to take care of their vehicles by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. When you have your vehicle serviced as recommended, it helps the parts wear longer before needing to be replaced. You’re less likely to have damage and deal with more expensive repairs.

The INFINITI Premium Care program ensures that INFINITI stands out from other luxury vehicle brands by taking care of you after the sale. Glendale INFINITI makes it easy to schedule that important maintenance by letting you set up an appointment online. Our Valet Service ensures you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to deal with maintenance.

Let Glendale INFINITI help you care for your vehicle with our premier service center near Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Stop by to see the 2023 models that are covered with INFINITI Premium Care. Schedule a test drive or check out our inventory online today.

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