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INFINITI Premium Care FAQs

INFINITI has launched a new program for prepaid maintenance called INFINITI Premium Care. Here are some answers to popular questions you may have about this program.

Do all models include INFINITI Premium Care?

The INFINITI Premium Care program is included with all 2023 model years of INFINITI vehicles. The program will start with the QX55 and Q50.

What services are included with Premium Care?

When you purchase or lease a 2023 INFINITI model, INFINITI Premium Care includes three years of scheduled maintenance. The services included will vary by model.

Are all types of sales eligible for the program?

Yes, INFINITI Premium Care is included with all types of sales.

Can the program be transferred to the next owner with INFINITI courtesy vehicles?

Yes, a contract must be completed for the INFINITI courtesy vehicle. When it is sold as a Certified Pre-Owned model, the maintenance plan will be transferred to the new owner if the vehicle is still within coverage term. The transfer will incur a fee.

Is INFINITI Premium Care applied automatically to each sale of an INFINITI model?

No, a maintenance contract must be completed at the time the vehicle is sold.

Can the dealership charge for this plan?

No. The INFINITI Premium Care program is included in the sale of the vehicle, and the dealership cannot charge for the plan.

Can the dealer offer add-ons?

Yes, the customer can purchase extended mileage and terms with INFINITI Premium Care. Pricing will include the add-ons.

How will the service center know the vehicle is covered under the INFINITI Premium Care plan?

When the customer brings in their vehicle for service, the service team will enter the VIN as usual. It will show the prepaid maintenance contract with the services available.

What type of oil is required for the oil changes to be covered?

Synthetic oil is included in the plan and part of the covered oil changes.

What if the system prompts the driver for service before the next scheduled time?

The plan covers scheduled maintenance for three years for the vehicle. During that timeframe, the plan covers a specific number of services. Those services can take place anytime as long as they are at least 30 days apart from each other. If the customer drives at a higher rate, they may be able to purchase term/mileage extensions.

Can customers add to their plans or extend them after the sale?

Yes, customers can purchase extra services once they complete the included plan.

Can the plan be canceled, and the customer receive a refund?

Since the plan is included with the sale and not an additional charge, no refund will be given even if the plan is canceled.

Can the plan be transferred to a new owner?

The plan can be transferred to a new owner if the necessary paperwork is completed and the processing fee is paid.

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